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Garden of the gods is on the west side of Colorado Springs located at the base of Pikes Peak.  How close it is to the city makes it really easy for a family to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors. The park has so many things to offer, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, a scenic drive, wildlife, and even great places for picnics. If a hike a bike ride is not for you there is also a paved sidewalk that goes through the heart of the park and right in front of the kissing camels (where two of the red rocks resemble two camels kissing).  Garden of gods is handicap accessible making it great for people of all ages and abilities. The best about the park is that it is free!

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

Garden of The Gods Activities 

Garden of the gods has several hikes located throughout the park and you can make the hikes as long as you would like. Some of the hikes can range from ¼ mile all the way up to 5 miles. These hikes are usually accessible all year round and are easy hikes for everyone to enjoy. 

Although if you do go for a hike when it is wet you will most likely end up leaving with lots of red mud on your shoes.  These hikes go all over the park giving you great views of the red rocks and the beautiful mountain range.

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If mountain biking is what you are in to then only one area is designated for mountain biking because of the high number of tourist throughout the rest of the park. This section of the park is located in the south east corner of the garden of the gods and has several trails ranging from experts to beginners. The entire park also has a bike lane on all of the roads and is one of the most beautiful short road biking trips that you can go on near Colorado Springs.


Other Activities    

Rocking climbing and horseback riding is available by reservations ahead of time. Making reservations ahead of time is highly recommended since usually getting the permit to rock climb the park is usually booked up fast. The horseback is easier to get reservations and can even book for large groups all to go together.


There is so much wildlife living in the garden of the gods. Mountain goats live in the hills on north east side of garden of the gods.  In the evenings and morning s it is rare that if you make the drive through garden of the gods without seeing some deer. There are also tons of birds that make the red rocks their home.  Squirrels and chipmunks also call the park their home. In the summer months you will also most likely see lizards and if you’re lucky you might even see a snake.


 After visiting the park you might have worked up an appetite or even want to take a souvenir home with you.  The garden of the gods trading post and the garden of the gods visitor center as several things to offer. The visitor center has a movie that explains the geology about how the red rocks were made and it also has a second level with a look out balcony that has beautiful views of the kissing camels and the entire park. The trading post has a little café inside for good snacks and even a place in the back for kids to pan for gold.

Also when you visit the park remember we are trying to preserve the park for generations to come so please pick up all of your trash and please stay on designated trails.

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