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The Air Force Academy is the main Air Force Military school in the United States where cadets come from all of over the worldto study. The Academy is located just north of of Colorado Springs along the highway I-25. The Air Force is like its own town with highway exits going into the Air Force base, which has an area of 18,500 acres. On the West side of the Air Force is the Rocky Mountains which makes a great view. 

Visit The Air Force Academy

If you take a trip to the Air Force Academy there are many things that you need to see. Throughout the 18,500 acres you can see several military planes which were used in combat. There is also a visitors center where you can learn all about the Academy with a short film and several relics from the Air Force. However the main attraction that people see at the Air Force Academy is the chapel, it is one of the biggest in Colorado. The chapel brings so many visitors to Colorado Springs because of its unique shape, which is breathtaking. Which can not be explained in words. With the mountains in the background there are several events held there every year. but that is not all there are also many hikes and walks throughout the Academy with incredible views where ever decide to go, you might even get lucky to see ski divers or guide planes! If you are in Colorado Springs you have to travel to the Air Force Academy and see everything that the military base has to offer.


History of the Air Force of Academy

The Air Force Academy was founded in 1954 where people thought that the military had to improve and to do so education was the way, therefore setting the ground work for the institution to be created. However funds were always an issue until in 1947 when the Air Force became recognized as a separate form of Military. Then in 1954 the Colorado Springs, CO was decided to be the home of the Air Force Academy.


Where Is the Academy

There are two entrances to the academy from I-25 exit 156 and exit 150 you will have to go through security at both exits however only exit 156 is possible without a DOD card. When you go through security have your ID ready. Screening could take a while before you can get on to the base.

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