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Giraffee in Zoo

When visiting Colorado Springs, one of the most visited attractions is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is the highest Zoo in the USA, and is the only zoo actually in the mountains. The Zoo offers a wide range of animals to see with special times to see animals eat and play. Some of the most amazing animals you will be able to see are the giraffes where you will be able to feed them lettuce and see them play.  

Different areas in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers a wide range of animals from all over the world. The Zoo trys to seperate the Zoo by their naturaul habitat so all of the African Animals are in the same area and so on. Below you will be able to see all of the areas and the animals the Zoo offers.

  • African Rift Valley – Giraffes, Hogs, Meerkats, Lions, Monkeys, Zebra,

  • Aquatics – Penguins, Beavers, Fish, Amphibians

  • Asian Highlands – Tigers, Pallas’ cats, Leopards

  • Australia Walkabout – Wallabies, Budgies, Emu, Alligator, Tree Kangaroo

  • Encounter Africa – Elephants, Rhino, Meerkats, Porcupine

  • Leaping to the Rescue – Toad, African Bullfrog, Dart Frogs

  • Monkey Pavilion – Lemurs, Mangabeys, Sloth, Gibbons

  • My Big Backyard – Chickens, Goats, Koi, Rabbits

  • Primate World – Orangutans, Gorillas, Siamangs, Naked Mole Rats

  • Rocky Cliffs – Rocky Mountain Goats

  • Rocky Mountain Wild – Moose, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Otters, Lynx

  • Scutes Family Gallery – Reptiles; Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Tortoises

  • Tapirs – Rare Mountain Tapirs

Where is the Zoo Located

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located near the Broadmoor once driving to the Broadmoor take the first right at the round about and follow the street to the parking lot of the Zoo.


Costs To Enter the Zoo

High Season

June-September Fri-Sunday

Normal Season


  • Adult - $24.75

  • Child - $19.75

  • Adult - $14.75

  • Child - $10.75


Special Events at the Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is fun to visit all year round with special events always going on.

  • Boo at the Zoo - Halloween at the Zoo - Get candy and see animaly at night

  • Electric Safari - Every year in December - Christmas lights throughout the Zoo

  • Teddy Bear Day - Every year in August - Bring a teddy bear and get a discounted rate

  • Military Appreciation Week - In September - One week where all Military get 50% discount

  • Moonlight on the Mountain - In June - Over 21 party Live Music, Drinks, & Food

  • Tails, Tunes & Tastes - In July - Over 21 party, Live Music, Drinks, & Food

  • Run to the Shrine - in May - A 4 mile run uphile to Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

To get the latest information about the Zoo events visit the Zoo website.


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